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Bring your business banking and accounting together

Choose Countingup on the Business Banking referral page whilst completing your company order. You will receive an email containing a link to open your account with Countingup once your company has been formed, and your business bank account should be opened minutes later.

How it works

As soon as your bank account has been opened, we will email you to confirm your account has been opened. You will receive your Mastercard Business Card a few days later.


  • UK account number and sort code, direct debits management and contactless Mastercard
  • Create professional looking invoices, raise, preview and send them by email
  • Automatically matches payments to invoices
  • Manage your expenses by attaching photographs of receipts to transactions
  • Real time profit and loss accounting

Automated bookkeeping and real time profit and loss

Incoming and outgoing payments are automatically categorised for you, as soon as they happen. Never worry about your bookkeeping again.

Profit and loss updated in real time whenever you make a sale or purchase. Get actionable insights into the financial health of your business immediately.

At your service

With our mobile App, you can manage your account 24/7 from any device. Get real time balance information, statements, add payees, send payments and apply for extras. And should you need help, you can use our extensive 'Support' functionality.

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Included with your package is a bank account from one of our partners.

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